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Top tips for happy packing:
- Ensure
your luggage is in good condition.

- Baggage
can be opened by the Transportation Security Administration in the US, if you do not have an approved TSA lock, they will break the case open. You won't get compensation. They have a MASTER key for the approved TSA locks so that damage will not occur.

The hand luggage allowance for most holiday companies is 5kg, but your bag must be of a size to fit comfortably in the overhead locker.
 - Excess Baggage
– the exchange rate is usually very good, which means that goods in America are much cheaper than in the UK. I saw on a documentary recently a family that bought so many gifts in Florida that they had to buy extra cases to bring the goods back to the UK.
Unfortunately the excess baggage charge was over £400 !!!!! The charge per kilo was $10 (£5) – they had quite a lot of excess baggage. This is besides the Customs Import duty!!
******* So be warned, leave plenty of spare capacity in your outward baggage for the returning gifts

If you wish to take more luggage than the maximum limit you may/will be charged an excess baggage fee according to your airline's tariff.

Remember to pack everything you need in your hand luggage, in the event of delay (easier said than done with a 5kg limit!).

Always pack the following in your hand luggage: passports, visa documents, vaccination certificates, holiday invoices, flight tickets, insurance certificates, travelers cheques, driving license, medication, uncooked food (MUST be declared at Passport control in the U.S.), baby food, changing equipment, film equipment. NO Liquids over 100ml. The airports now state that the x-ray equipment is NOT FILM SAFE.

Electrical items (including: hairdryer, alarm clocks, photographic equipment, electrical games, shavers, personal stereos or other forms of musical equipment). You should check with your airline where these items should be placed, the rules change regularly.

You are prohibited from carrying on the aircraft the following classes of items: guns, firearms and weapons, explosives, compressed gases, flammable liquids and solids e.g. fire lighters, flares, methanol, oxidizers and organic peroxides e.g. bleach, car body repair kits, toxic or infectious substances, e.g. rat poison, radioactive materials, corrosives e.g. vehicle batteries, live ammunition, pointed/edges weapons and sharp objects, e.g. ice-skates, crampons, knives, open razors/blades, scissors, tradesman's tools, saws, screwdrivers etc. Blunt instruments capable of causing injury e.g. baseball/cricket bats, hockey sticks, golf clubs, canoe paddles, fishing rods, martial arts equipment, snooker cues.
This list was correct at the time of writing, but other items may have been added since, so if in doubt, check with your airline before traveling.

CAUTION – a word of warning about liquids

We all know that you cannot take more than 100ml of liquids through the security check point and onto a plane.
Once in the lounge area you are able to purchase liquor, perfume and other liquids in greater volumes than 100ml’s.

do you realize that IF you are traveling on more than one flight, then you MAY NOT BE ABLE to take your purchase onto the next flight, if it’s more than 100ml per bottle - and IF you have to pass through a security check point at the next airport?
It is possible that your connecting flight MAY NOT require you to pass through another security check - so if you don't know for sure - don't buy!.

At Orlando recently I spotted a sign that said you can take your liquids onto a second flight if it was purchased in the Duty Free shop and is still sealed for the next flight - so perhaps it is now possible. But you are relying on the next airport security supporting this option.

The other answer would be to ‘pack’ the liquids and ‘check them in’ for the next flight. And as you are ‘in transit’ this could prove very difficult to say the least!!

Any item that could be defined as a weapon will be confiscated. 

Unfortunately, on rare occasions, your baggage may be mislaid or damaged on arrival at your destination airport. You should immediately inform the handling agent and the resort staff who will help you obtain and complete a 'Property Irregularity Report' and Customs Declaration form. This must be done immediately and before you leave the airport otherwise any claim you wish to make may not be valid. 

If you have an unusual item of luggage please contact your Airline direct, their special requirements team will help.

The airlines are constantly changing what can and what cannot be taken in the cabin, so please check with YOUR airline if in doubt for the LATEST DETAILS.

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