Soccer Table
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Can be played by 2 individuals or two teams of 2 each.

The Game
To be the first team (or Player) to score a  predetermined number of points, or to score the most points in a given amount of time.

The server rolls the ball through the serving hole to start the game, after a point is scored or after the ball leaves the table.

The server can spin the ball to influence the serve, but the ball must be struck by one of the serving teams (or servers) player figures.

Once the ball is in play, it remains in play until it is hit off the table, a dead ball is declared, time out is called, or a point is scored.

If a ball is pinned on the 5 man rod, it cannot be passed to the 3 man rod of the same team without touching at least 2 player figures as it is being passed.

When a ball enterers the opposing teams goal, a point is scored, if the ball enters the goal but bounces back onto the playing surface or leaves the table, it still counts as a goal.

Spinning rods
Spinning the rods is illegal.

Ball off the table
If the ball leaves the playing surface and strikes any object that is not part of the table, it is declared “off the table”, and should be put back into play by a serve from the team (or player) that originally served that ball.

If the ball rolls into the serving cup and then returns to the playing surface, it is still considered “In Play”.

Dead Ball
If a ball has completely stopped its motion and cannot be reached by any player figure, it is declared a “Dead Ball”.

If the ball is declared “Dead” between the goal and the 2 man rod it should be put back into play be placing it in the nearest corner and releasing it.

If the ball is declared “Dead” anywhere else on the playing surface, it should be put back into play by a serve from the team that originally served the ball.

If a ball is spinning in place, it is not considered a “dead” ball.

May the best team win!