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Setting up 
The balls are racked in a triangle at the foot of the table with the “8” ball in the centre of the triangle. The first ball of the rack is on the foot spot, a “Stripe” ball in one corner of the rack, and a “Solid” ball in the opposite corner.
To execute a Legal break, a player must either pot one ball, or cause at least 4 numbered balls to hit the cushion.
If the break is Not legal, then the opposing player can accept the table, or have it re-framed and either taking the opening break or allowing the offending player to re-break.
Choice of GROUP.
The choice of “striped” or “spot” is ONLY determined after a player CALLS the choice of ball and pocket before the shot. 
It cannot be determined on the first shot of the game.
Once a GROUP has been decided:-
A player must hit one of his group first with the cue ball.
A player is entitled to continue shooting until failing to pot a ball of his group.
After a player has pocketed all of his group of balls, he then shoots to pocket the “8” ball.
After a foul the other player can put the cue ball ANYWHERE on the table to continue.

The winner is the first player to pockets the “8” ball in his designated pocket after potting his entire GROUP of balls.

This is only a précis of the rules, a full set is available from :-




May the best player win!