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Do I Need a U.S. VISA...?
Passport information...? 
CAUTION - Buying liquids at airports...!
Where can I get Theme Park Tickets ... ?
Do I need to heat the swimming pool ... ?
What linen is provided ... ?
Is Washing powder provided ... ?
Is there a Barbeque at the Villa... ?
Can I have a STARTER Grocery pack ... ?
How far are we from Disney... ? 

Do I Need a VISA to visit the United States... ?
Generally speaking, NO, but you may! Currently, British citizens traveling on a valid, individual machine readable passport, with a return or onward ticket, and who are staying for less than 90 days, should qualify for the Visa Waiver Program. There ARE conditions, so please review the information concerning visa free travel on the American Embassy London Nonimmigrant Visas Services Home Page
Visit The U.S. Embassy Web Site for the latest information on the VISA situation.   And More here.

NOTE - if you click on the "UPDATE" link below, you will have the option to apply (and pay) for more than one applicant at a time. "Group of Applications".

It is still a fairly long process for each person, each applicants data can be saved periodically and continued when you have had a rest!  

You can use the GROUP application for 2 or more people, it's quite a long and detailed process which ever way you do it. But you can pay for ALL the applicants at the end.

BUT remember to record each persons application number as each applicant is completed. Because you have to ADD each applicant back together at the end for payment.

The E.S.T.A. Scheme
From the 19th January 2009 Electronic Registration for the "Visa Waiver Program" is REQUIRED
click here to register with the U.S. Government.
The U.S. government charge $14 per person as at the 3rd January 2019
However, some web sites (Including CIBT) and travel agents ARE charging an administration fee as well; for using THEIR services to do the registration for YOU........ 
We do not.!
DISCLAIMER - The above information is ONLY A GUIDE, I am not responsible for the accuracy of the above information. 
It is YOUR duty to check for yourself as to YOUR requirements for a visitors VISA to enter the United States.

Where can I get Theme Park Tickets ... ?
Click here to go to our "Links Page" that contains many links to just some the various Theme Park Web sites. These are updated at regular intervals, so keep checking.
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Do I Need to heat the swimming pool ... ?
This is a hard one to call, the pool should be over 21C (74F) during the summer months - however in winter, November to March, heating may be required, depending on how warm you like it! 
Don't forget the SHOCK factor, when you are very hot the pool will seem very cold even if it is at say 30C. 
Our Pool Heating is set to get the pool to 31c (89f) and is turned on 2 days before your arrival if purchased beforehand. 
(The actual temperature attained is weather dependant, therefore the set temperature is not guaranteed, but has a 90% chance of being attained, except December & January).

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What linen is provided ... ?
Bed linen, Hand Towels, Bath Towels, Dish cloth, Tea Towel & Hand Towel + 10 Beach towels are set out. 
All the above With replacements in cupboards around the Villa.
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Is washing powder provided ... ?
Unfortunately NOT, we would love to leave a starter pack of 'washing' powders/liquids for you, but we have been advised that all CHEMICALS have to be removed between rentals, for safety reasons.... Young children could find them before you do!
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Is there a Barbeque at the Villa ... ?
YES & NO, let me explain, we will subsidise the hire of a BBQ if you require one. Book a BBQ with us and we will give you a reduction on your rental from $5/day to $3/Day of the hire (sample prices), it means you only pay $21/week instead of $35. Please note these rentals/prices may not be available in the future so please ask in good time so we can make suitable arrangements.
It is gas powered and the gas is included in the hire charge. It is on loan to you by The Vacation Grocer for the rental duration. Consequently it is their property and you sign an agreement with them regarding it's use and clean return. 
Delivery and Colections are included in the price.
We advise you to reserved the BBQ in advance to ensure you get the discounted price and that there will be one available for you. Or you could of course just take 'pot luck', but the charge will be $5/Day.
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Can I have a STARTER Grocery pack ... ?
YES, You can order them from The Vacation Grocer, If ordered at least 7 days before you arrive, the prices start at US$45 (Inc TAX & Delivery), It will contain - Half gallon Milk, Half gallon Orange Juice, 1lb White Bread, 1lb Spread, 12oz Box Corn Flakes, 100 Tea Bags, 2oz Jar Instant Coffee, 1lb Sugar, 8oz Jar Strawberry Jam.
Larger packs are available.
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How far is the Villa from Disney... ?
We are only 7 miles to Disney's entrance; "World Drive" - about 15 minutes. About the same to the entrance on the SR429 (Toll fee required).
Click here to see a Map of the Villa and Disney.
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